Female College Graduation Gift Ideas

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Graduating from college is a major milestone in a young woman's life. Honor your graduate with something extravagant that matches the magnitude of the event, or help her on the way to the next chapter of her life with useful and professional goods. Put some thought into it and make it a gift she'll remember for years to come.


Trips are traditional graduation gifts that signify the start of the graduate's journey through life. Give your grad a trip that will knock her socks off, such as a tour through Europe, or gear it more toward relaxation and recreation with a cruise or a trip to an all-inclusive resort. Make sure she'll have a traveling buddy if you're not going on the trip. Make sure also that the destination is somewhere she'd really like to go, such as a city or another country she has not yet visited.

Professional Accessories

The graduate is about to hit the job market, and you can help her look like a polished pro with personalized accessories. Get her a leather planner, portfolio or messenger-style briefcase with her initials stamped on the front. Buy her a silver or leather business card case with her monogram on it. A good pen set with her name engraved is a nice choice. If choosing leather, make it a neutral and professional color, such as dark brown, black or navy.


New graduates love gadgets, and while they may already have some electronic items, you can always upgrade them since technology keeps advancing so quickly. Get a grad a new laptop or an upgraded cell phone. These items will require monthly service fees for Internet capabilities, so make sure you pay for them or that the grad will be able to. An electronic reader makes a great gift without monthly fees, but do go ahead and include a gift card so the graduate can pay for books, magazines and newspapers she downloads.

Ultimate Gifts

Ultimate gifts for a young woman graduating from college boil down to two things: wheels and jewelry. Buy her a pair of diamond earrings that are at least half a carat each, and she'll wear them for the rest of her life. A car will give her the means to get where she needs to go when she's out on her own. You don't have to buy her a brand new car, but girls are very aware of car colors, cleanliness and style, so be sure the car is in good condition and something that she'll like.