How to Feel Attractive to Your Husband When You're Overweight

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There's bound to be days when you're not feeling 100 percent. Nothing fits like it used to, your hair won't do what it's supposed to, and you just feel icky. If you're overweight, the extra pounds seem to have a way of making you feel even worse. While going through these common feelings of feeling less than attractive, being married is like the cherry on top of your emotional roller coaster sundae. The desire to be eye-catching for your sweetie doesn't have to end at the altar, spruce up your look and confidence with a foolproof plan for self-affection.

Tell yourself you're attractive. Say it loud and proud that you are pretty. Begin each day pledging that you will rid yourself of negative thoughts and believe it. Dig deep to find the inner vixen within yourself that reminds you just how attractive you are physically and emotionally.

Glance in the mirror and flirt with yourself. Find your favorite body part, like your legs, chest or bottom and make that the focus for showcasing. Don't be afraid to cover up your least favorite areas so you're not constantly reminding yourself of your flaws. Accentuate your curves and appreciate your individuality.

Look your best. Take the time to take care of yourself both for upgrading your appeal and health. Consider a work out regimen that works for you. Keep a regular fitness routine to help you look and feel better. Add a bit of make up, some fun new accessories like a sexy stiletto or chunky jewelry to your wardrobe. Find clothes that will hug your curves in the right way and that are flattering, not fattening. Pick the proper size and don't allow the clothing size number to thwart your efforts for feeling amazing.

Give him all the attention. Focus your efforts on pleasing him and enjoy touching and talking to him sensuously. Keep the focus more on him and less on your internal hang ups so he can feel your confidence. Wear fragrances that appeal to his senses and that you enjoy.

Enjoy everything that surrounds you. Remember to smile. Keep a positive outlook on how you feel about yourself and the man you love and embrace the new, gorgeous you.