How to Look Older (for Men)

For a while, in my teens, I was at the age where I wanted to look older. Then, when I got older, I wanted to look younger. Now, I just don't care. But for those young men wanting to look older, here's how to do it.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Your face is the window to the world, the first thing people see and notice about you. It communicates whatever you choose to project.

So project maturity. Be confident, or fake it. Make eye contact, smile openly, mimic the attitude and expressions of an older person you admire. Above all, watch your goofiness... a prime attribute of teens, but something that tends to ease up a bit as one grows older.

Don't try to fake facial hair with mom's eyebrow pencil. If you don't have it yet, then just keep your face clean shaven.

Work on Your Appearance

Is your hair scraggly and hanging down in your face? Get it cut, neatly (doesn't have to be short... just neat). Keep it combed and well-styled.

Are you dirty-looking, and maybe a bit on the stinky side? Take a shower every morning. Use deodorant. Keep your fingernails trim and clean.

If acne is an issue for you, use Clearasil or a similar product to keep it in check.

How's your breath? Don't forget to brush your teeth, and floss. It makes a big difference.

Clothes Make the Man

Your wardrobe is a dead giveaway. If everything is from Abercrombie or Urban Outfitters, you're a kid. I'm not saying wear a suit and tie everywhere you go, but it certainly helps add to an air of maturity and worldliness. But even casual dress, done right, can add a few years to your appearance.

Give some thought to where you'll be, and what sort of dress the "mature" crowd will be wearing. There's no golden rule here. Dressing for the beach or a party is different than dressing for a wedding or a job interview. Don't hesitate to ask for advice. Your parents or an older brother or sister can help you here.

Clothing can also help you bulk up, and look bigger than you are. A heavy-weight sweater, for instance, can fill out your still-growing frame a bit.

Add a Few Extras

A ring, a heavy watch, a tie clip, cufflinks, a touch (just a touch) of a nice cologne. They can all add to the aura of you as a grown man. Give it a try.

Forget About It

Now that you've taken all the steps to appear older than you are, get out there and enjoy yourself. Don't lie about your age. Don't even talk about it at all. Bring a mature mindset with you, but don't forget to just be yourself, and let people see the sides of your personality appropriate to the occasion.

It just might work! But even if it doesn't, you'll get there soon enough.


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