How to Select Beauty Pageant Sportswear


Sportswear in the pageant world doesn't mean something you'd wear to the gym. While sportswear isn't a category in every beauty pageant, you may find it in yours. If this is the case, be prepared with a conservative but fashionable number that sells your individual style, your body type and personality. More than any other category, sportswear is where you can really shine.

Select a neutral color, avoiding blacks, bright reds and whites. Choose natural tones that highlight your skin tone, your eyes or your hair color. Stay away from logos and prints. Solid colors are best.

Wear something that partners well with high heels. Heels show off your calf muscles and are a must for all pageant events, even this one.

Show off your best feature. If this is your bust, avoid showing cleavage but rather accentuate your bust-to-hip ratio. If your shoulders are amazing, wear a spaghetti-strap dress. If you have good legs, still wear something conservative, but consider leggings or a knee-length skirt. Whatever you pick, make sure you can walk freely and confidently in it.

Choose something that you'd see yourself in at a work party or a night out on the town. Think fashion. Make the outfit represent you, but remember you're at a pageant. Better to go high-end than to look like you're headed to the club.