How to Dress for the Police Officer Oral Board Interview

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"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" is a common mantra that tells us just how important dressing for a job interview is. Making a good and lasting impression on an interviewer can be crucial in landing a position. For the Police Office Oral Board Interview, men and women should dress in a professional manner that shows they understand the high honor of the position at stake.

Go with dark colors. If you're on a budget, dark colors look to have quality even if they are from the clearance rack. Light colors show cheap stitching or wrinkles, so dark colors are your friend and can make you look just as polished as higher- end clothing. Think navy, black, chocolate and dark shades of green or purple for a sleek look that reads professional.

Keep the dress attire appropriate. If you wouldn't wear it for a day's work at the office, don't wear it to the interview. Though police officers wear a uniform, there are several stages of law enforcement that wear business or business casual garb to the office on a daily basis.

Women should refrain from showing any cleavage or wearing anything too tight. When wearing a dress or skirt, keep the hemline at the knees. Stockings are not a must, but be sure to wear closed-toe shoes for the most professional look. Men should refrain from bright prints or anything that may come off as a novelty, such as a bold belt buckle. Dress shoes for men are a must. Never think your black hiking boots will fit the bill.

For women, wear a dress or business suit. A dress is a good option for a police officer oral board interview, but a suit is better. If you have a suit jacket and a dress that coordinates, add the jacket to create a more polished look. Avoid any frilly dress or those with ultra-feminine prints like flowers, which can be distracting. Solids work best. Be sure to have the proper fit in all of your clothing to ensure you're comfortable throughout the interview. Keep accessories to a minimum, but do not be afraid to let your personal style show through with a bold necklace or silk scarf wrapped at the neck.

For men, wear a business suit. Though a shirt and tie is acceptable, a suit makes the best impression. It always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Be sure your shirt and tie coordinate, and that the suit fits you properly. Wear your shirt tucked in with a simple leather belt. The less fussy the look, the better. You're here to show you are smart and capable, not that you're the best dressed person alive, so go with simplicity and let your personality shine through.