How to Dress for Your Relative's Graduation Ceremony


What a pleasure it will be to see a dear family member accept his or her diploma. This special event calls for a nice outfit and comfortable shoes.

Consider the type of school your relative is graduating from. Anticipate a dressy casual crowd, as graduations are memorable events.

Attend a professional school ceremony, such as law school or a military academy, in a suit and tie (men) and a nice dress and heels (women). Opt for lightweight materials such as cotton and linen for summer, and keep warm in the fall and winter with wool pants or a sweater dress and tights.

Wear a sport coat, slacks and a button-down shirt (men) and a nice skirt and silk blouse (women) for junior high and high school graduation ceremonies.

Select shoes that are dressy yet comfortable, as you'll be on your feet the better part of the day.

Choose colors that flatter your features. You'll be a part of many pictures and video recordings, so you'll want to look your best!