Decorating Arches for a Wedding

A wedding arch is the perfect way to frame the bride and groom as they say their vows. It also creates a central point at outdoor weddings for guests to focus on. In addition, many photographers find arches to be a wonderful backdrop. Since a wedding arch can play such an important role in the ceremony, make sure to find one that fits your wedding locale, design and budget.

Garden Arch

A popular style is the lattice arch. Although plain and boring at first glance, it can be turned into an elegant floral design. Keep in mind the specific dimensions of your location so the width and height of the arch you select will work. Also, take the measurements to your florist. He or she will be able to help find the right mix of greenery to bring the arch to life. If price is a concern, make sure the florist knows your budget. Also, using floral arrangements at the base of the arch can be a great way to save money.

Whimsical Arch

For a more whimsical feel, try draping fabric through the arch. Go for a sheer or lightweight fabric that will drape nicely. Spend time trying out different ways to use the fabric before the big day in order to find the perfect look for the ceremony. Using a string or two of white Christmas lights under the fabric will add some sparkle. This style would look great on an outdoor stage as well as at the reception hall. At the reception, it could be placed at the bride and groom's table or near the cake table.

Fun Arch

For a more casual wedding, a balloon arch is a fun option. This will be your least expensive option, plus it comes in a wide array of colors. One choice is to use just one color on all the balloons in the arch. This offers a chic and classic look that can be used at any wedding. One thing to keep in mind with a balloon arch, though, is that the lightweight decoration will move in the breeze, so make sure it is clear of the bride, groom and officiants' heads so it will not be a distraction during the ceremony.