Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You're Having a Boy

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Men often dream of having a son. So when it's time to share the exciting news that you're having a boy, make it fun for your husband. Since many dads-to-be feel anxious about impending fatherhood, a cute gender reveal can also help ease any anxiety he's feeling and just get him excited about the birth of his -- drum roll, please -- son.

Be a Good Sport

One super cute way to tell your hubby that you're having a boy is to buy him some mini sports paraphernalia. For instance, purchase a tiny onesie, sleeper or T-shirt with his favorite team's logo emblazoned on it. Wrap up your future son's outfit and give it to your husband. Or, leave it in a place where the daddy-to-be can find it -- and wait to hear the shouts of joy.

Cook the Blues

Prepare a meal for your man with a blue theme. Start with a cocktail such as a blue curacao. Sorry, you can't have a taste! Use blue cheese in the salad -- and for your main meal serve chicken cordon bleu. Make sure dessert incorporates lots of blueberries. Alternatively, bake a vanilla cake and add blue food coloring to the mix. When hubby slices into it, see if he can guess why you made him a blue cake. Of course, if you simply can't wait for dessert, you can reveal your surprise earlier during the meal.

Let Boys be Boys

Buy your husband a traditional boy toy like a mini dump truck or a firetruck. Then roll up your sonogram picture and slide it into a little window or onto a truck bed. Present the soon-to-be dad with the toy and let him discover the image. Just make sure that the sonogram clearly shows that you are going to be having a boy. You can ask the ultrasound technician to include an arrow that points to the identifying body part and to add the word, "boy."

Paint the Town Blue

If you're feeling ambitious, surprise your husband by having the baby nursery painted blue while he's out of the house. However, it's often best to ask a friend or family member to do the painting or hire someone, as during pregnancy, paint fumes can be harmful in high doses, notes the KidsHealth website. Alternatively, set up the nursery with blue bedding and decor -- and get your husband to paint the room once he hears the big news.