Cute Little Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

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Doing cute things for your boyfriend doesn't have to be expensive or cheesy. Take into account his wants, needs and preferences when deciding what to do – opt for doing something he rarely or never does for himself. When your boyfriend treats you well, small surprises are a way to show how much you appreciate him.

Surprise Sports Tickets

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For the guy who is a sports fan with a favorite team that's playing in the area, purchase a pair of tickets to a game for a day when he's usually free of work and other responsibilities. Put the tickets in his wallet with a small note paper-clipped to them explaining what they are so he'll find it when he's paying for something. You're likely to get bonus points if you don't expect him to take you and instead, give him the option of deciding who to take.

Warm His Towels

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It can be unpleasant, especially in winter, to step out of the warm shower and into chilly air – wrapping something warm around yourself can make a big difference. Put two towels into the dryer when your boyfriend goes into the shower, and take them out when you hear him turn the water off. Give them to him before he steps out of the room. Another option is to get him a towel warmer he can use when you're not there to surprise him.

Drop Off Movies and Food

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Most people have go-to movies they watch and food they eat when they need cheering up. If your boyfriend tells you he had a rough day, tie a bag filled with take-out and movies around the doorknob to his home – put a note inside the bag so he knows it's from you. It will be a special, unexpected surprise for him to find when he gets home.

Get His Car Ready

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When he has to leave for work and it's freezing cold out, warm his car up for him so it will be ready by the time he gets outside. Fill a travel mug with coffee if he drinks it and put it in the console of his car along with something to eat. He'll appreciate the extra minutes he doesn't have to rush as well as your nice gesture.

Put Alcohol in His Fridge

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When your boyfriend isn't looking, put his favorite alcohol where he'll accidentally come across it. For example, put a bottle of whiskey in his cupboard or a six-pack of beer in his fridge. He may appreciate your gesture when he finds it, but likely even more so if he has it at the end of a long work week.

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