Custodian Retirement Party Ideas

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Retirement is a major event that marks the end of a long and productive career and is often celebrated with a retirement party. Custodians, who are responsible for maintaining some of the most important places in our lives, should be honored with a retirement party that involves plenty of fun and relaxation with their favorite people.


Choose a fitting theme for the party based on the custodian's interests and passions. If he plans to use his retired years to travel, try an international theme. Serve various countries' cuisines and drinks, such as Pisco Sours from Peru or sake from Japan. You could also use the job of custodian as the theme. Pass out rubber gloves to guests, use mop buckets and mop heads to create centerpieces and serve punch from spray cleaning bottles.


For a boat-loving custodian, rent a yacht and take a sunset cruise for the retirement party. Or, reserve a large social hall and provide live entertainment and dancing. Another idea is to hold an outdoor retirement barbecue at a local park or in a guest's large backyard. If you want a small, intimate party, reserve space at the retiree's favorite restaurant or bar and have the party catered. You could also head to a beachside hotel and reserve a few rooms for your guests. Spend an evening at the casinos, bars or beach.


Show a digital slideshow of photos from the retiree's career. Ask every guest to contribute a story for each photo. Or, set up a stage area at the party and hold a roast of the retiree. Tell guests beforehand to think of lighthearted fun to poke at the retiree. You could also create a mini quiz about him for guests to take. Include questions such as, "How many sick days has John taken in the last five years?" Or, set up a jar at the party and pass out slips of paper to guests. Tell guests to write something funny they think the retiree should do during retirement, then read the slips aloud for a laugh.


Make cupcakes and decorate them with tiny brooms or dust pans. Have a large cake made in the likeness of a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign or an AARP membership card. Serve popular cocktails but give them new names, such as "Freedomberry Daiquiri" or "Sleep Late Saketini." Or, hold a potluck dinner with the retiree's favorite foods. Ask the him to make a list of 20 different dishes he'd like at the party, then ask guests to sign up to provide at least one.