What Color of Eye Shadow Makes Hazel Eyes Stand Out?

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Hazel-eyed ladies, you're in luck: You have extra options when it comes to choosing flattering eye shadow. Hazel eyes aren't a single shade -- they can be a blend of green, blue, gray, gold and brown tones. That means you can choose from a variety of shadow colors depending on the shades you want to emphasize in your eyes.

Keep It Warm

Warm, earthy brown shades are ideal everyday shadow colors for hazel eyes. They help highlight the blue, gray and green flecks in your eyes and create a subtle or smoky look. Golden taupe or tan shadows work well on the lid. For the crease, opt for brown shades with bronze or copper undertones -- you can also use these shades closer to the lash line for a smoky effect. Chocolate brown eye shadow makes an ideal eyeliner for both the upper and lower lash lines.

Go Green

It's an easy guess that green eye shadow helps accent the green flecks in hazel eyes, but if you choose warm green shadows, you can also highlight the gold and brown tones. Create a sexy smoky eye by sweeping an olive or army green shadow over the lid and into the crease. You can also smudge a darker forest green shadow along the upper lash line and under the lower lash line. If you prefer a softer look, use sage green eye shadow across the lid and a neutral brown shadow through the crease.

Gild 'Em

Play up the gold tones in your hazel eyes with a little gold shadow. Apply a shimmery golden shade to the lid and inner corner for a brightening effect. You can use a pressed gold shadow on its own or dab just a bit of loose gold eye shadow in the center of your lid over another color like brown or green. A rich antique gold shadow works well in the crease or for a smoky eye -- it has gold and green undertones, so it can also help emphasize the green flecks in hazel eyes.

Play with Purple

When you want to play up the green tones in your hazel eyes, purple eye shadow is especially flattering. Use a light purple shade like lavender or lilac on the lid and to highlight the inner corner for a brightening effect. To add definition to the crease, use a mid-tone purple shadow like mauve, violet or plum. Dark, rich purple shadow colors like eggplant are ideal for lining the upper and lower lash lines to frame the eye for a sultry look.