Children's Church Easter Party Ideas

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Children love Easter because of all the candy they typically receive. Bring this fun to your place of worship by having children’s church Easter parties. Celebrations like these are a great way to get kids reminiscent about Jesus’ burial and resurrection represented by the Easter holiday. It’s important to keep the occasion fun and interesting to retain their focus as well.

Egg Toss

Throwing eggs through the air to a waiting partner is a common Easter activity. Put a spin on the tradition for your children’s church by having the kids proclaim something they are grateful for as they toss their eggs. Give the winners a prize that relates to gratefulness and the sacrifice Jesus gave on the cross like a little journal and pen. Make sure to boil the eggs beforehand to avoid a mess.

Egg Hunt

Decorate boiled eggs for a children’s egg hunt. Put a Christian focus on this time-honored activity by writing short Bible verses on the eggs related to Easter, gratefulness, love, sacrifice or any other related theme. Form teams of two and have children hunt together to foster the sacrificial attitude of Easter. Having the children work together is a great way to teach children about teamwork and that sacrifices are necessary to make things work more smoothly.

Resurrection Party

Children love a reason to dress up. Give them the occasion to morph into character by throwing a resurrection party. Amy DeWitt, mother of four, suggesting having the children reenact the Easter story by taking volunteers to be Jesus and the other men crucified with him. All children can participate because those who are more timid can be crowd members. Have parents participate by bringing Easter-themed food everyone can share after the skit.

Easter Tree

Promote the sacrifice Jesus made that is represented by Easter through having the children give back. Take an artificial tree of any kind and cut out paper crosses to hang on it. Contact local charities for families in need and list specific needs on the paper crosses. Alternately, you can fulfill the needs of families within your own church. Hang the crosses on the tree and have the children choose a cross the week before Easter. The children then bring back the item on Easter Sunday as a great way to teach them about sacrificing for others.