Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

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Pepper Spray is a self-defense option that can temporarily injure a person without causing permanent damage. The spray is an mild gas that, when sprayed into a person's face, will cause tears and pain, and often it will cause a person to lose their sight temporarily. Pepper sprays are popular among people who jog in secluded parks, as well as people who work late shifts and have to walk home or walk through an empty parking lot to reach their vehicles at night. Campers favor pepper sprays for fending off bears and other wildlife that might attack.


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Superstores such as Wal-Mart and Target carry pepper spray products. Check in the sporting goods department, with hunting supplies. These stores will carry at least one pepper spray option, typically with a keyring for easy attachment to your set of keys.

Outdoor Sporting Goods Stores

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Outdoor sporting goods stores such as Bass Pro Shops offers several different pepper spray models. Types of pepper sprays include: a model that can be mounted onto the wall for in-home use for protection against burglars, a pocket model that comes with a belt clip and a spray that fits on your keyring. Stores also offer sprays--made for joggers--which come with an armband that easily attaches to your upper arm.

Hardware Stores

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Hardware stores such as Ace Hardware also carry pepper spray. These stores carry at least one pepper spray option, typically with a keychain and/or belt clip. Call your local hardware store ahead of time to check for availability.

Online Retailers

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Many online retailers specialize in the sale of self-defense products. Websites such as DefenseDevices.com and PersonalSecurityIsYours.com carry a variety of pepper sprays, refill bottles and attachment devices. These retailers carry in-home wall-mounted pepper sprays, as well as small keychain-sized pepper sprays that can be carried with you.

Consider online auction websites such as eBay.com, as well as discount websites such as Amazon.com and Buy.com. Many times these websites carry a variety of pepper spray options, at a fraction of the retail price.