What Do I Buy My Husband for His 30th Birthday?

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If your husband is soon going to celebrate the big "3-0," you might be stumped as to what you should give him. As 30 is a milestone birthday, you probably want your gifts to be something out of the ordinary. Present him with things that not only pertain to his personality and interests but also get him excited about entering a new decade.

Back in Time Gifts

Gift your husband a few nostalgia items to give him insight into what was popular or trendy during his birth year. Wrap up a vintage action figure or comic book released in that year that he can put on display in his home office. Or, if he is a movie or music lover, consider giving him a DVD stash or a greatest hits playlist of popular movie and music released in his birth year. Alternatively, satisfy his sweet tooth with a basket full of the kinds of candy that were popular when he was a child. Shop at a local candy store or online to find the perfect candy choices.

Humorous 30th Birthday Gifts

A husband with a great sense of humor can enjoy celebrating his 30th birthday in a lighthearted way with gifts that make him laugh. Give him a chuckle with a T-shirt or sweatshirt printed with a funny saying, such as "It Took Me 30 Years To Look This Hot." Tickle his funny bone by gifting him an amusing book about being 30. Consider the book, "30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30," by Siobhan Adcock or "Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30," by David Katz. Additionally, get a custom caricature created for him from one of his photos.

The Gift of Experience

Take advantage of your husband's 30th birthday to give him the gift of an opportunity to do something that he's always wanted to do. Milestone birthdays are a good time to get motivated to engage in something new, according to psychologist Art Markman, Ph.D. in the Psychology Today article, "Why Is Your Birthday so Motivating?" Perhaps your husband always wanted to go skydiving or take a ride in a hot air balloon. Or, maybe backpacking across the country or traveling to a foreign land are on his bucket list. Whatever it is, make it happen for him by placing tickets to the experiential gift in a small box to surprise him.

30 Gifts Countdown

Turn your husband's 30th birthday into a month-long celebration to coincide with his age. Wrap up 30 gifts and let him unwrap one each day leading up to his birthday. Start with a small gift, such as socks, on the first day and end with a larger present on his birthday, such as tickets to see his favorite band in concert. Alternatively, give him presents related to his favorite hobby or interests on each day of the birthday countdown. For example, if your husband is an avid golfer, start with a box of golf balls on the first day, personalized golf club links on the second day and so on.