Birthday Proposal Ideas

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You only get one chance to propose to your true love, so of course each guy wants to have every detail of the proposal perfectly orchestrated. If you want to propose and your girlfriend's birthday is lingering near, combine the two occasions to create memorable event she will swoon about for years to come. Consider the type of proposal your girlfriend would want — does she love the spotlight or does she love the intimate moments with just the two of you? Plan something to set the scene for your lifetime together.

Mystery Brithday Party

A very sneaky and fun way to propose is to host a mystery birthday party in the vein of the murder mystery parties you can buy in a kit. You'll have to get creative to make up your own game, but base the fictional mystery on a missing ring. Give the guests characters and roles to play; take a look at some murder mystery parties to get ideas. The bride's mother could be in on the game and pretend to have a ring stolen. At the end of the evening, as the mystery is solved, have the bride-to-be's character find the missing ring somewhere, maybe in her own pocket or the groom's jacket.

Cake Proposal

A simple but very effective method of proposing at a birthday party is to have the cake made to read “Will you marry me?” instead of “Happy birthday.” Keep the cake as a surprise and don't let the other guests see it either. Ask the guests to start singing happy birthday while you bring the cake out from the kitchen and wait for her reaction as she reads what is written on the cake. Once the singing has stopped, propose and watch her melt.

Photo Album Proposal

For your girlfriend's birthday gift, get help from her parents to gather one photo from her birthday each year of her life. Put the photos in an album with labels: “1st birthday party,” “turning two” and so forth. If there are some missing years, fill them in with pictures from the same year, just not of the birthday itself. Look through the album together as she "oohs" and "aahs" about your thoughtfulness. As she turns to the current year (the last page), label the space “The day I proposed” instead and use your digital camera to snap a photo of her as she reads the label and realization dawns on her.