Birthday Gift Ideas for a Six-Year Old Boy

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Finding the perfect birthday gift for a six-year-old boy can sometimes be a difficult task. As little boys grow up they become bored of the soft toys they enjoyed when they were younger. Many six-year-old boys enjoy playing outside, so find a gift that will broaden his imagination and allow him to learn and have fun at the same time. As with any gift, try to find one that matches the recipient's interests and personality.

Walkie-Talkie Set

Little boys enjoying playing hide and seek with siblings and friends. Buy a set of walkie-talkies designed for children so he can spend time playing, hiding and communicating with friends. Walkie-talkies allow children to create a new character and pretend to be a soldier, policeman or spy in a safe environment. A walkie-talkie set is a gift that he can share and enjoy with friends. Remember to include a spare set of batteries for him so that he can play with them on his birthday.


For a gift that is fun and encourages learning, buy the birthday boy a set of binoculars designed for children. Children are often encouraged to play outdoors and step away from the computer games, a set of binoculars will prompt him to do just this. From looking at the stars, to nature watching to playing with friends in the garden, binoculars make a fine gift for a six-year old boy who wants to explore the outdoors.

Metal Detector

Lots of metal detectors designed for children are available on the market. Many six-year old boys enjoy the prospect of getting dirty, digging and finding undiscovered treasure. Metal detectors can pick up lots of items such as old coins on waste land or at the beach. A metal detector is a fun gadget for a young boy that offers a range of possibilities and the opportunity to explore. Create a treasure hunt around the garden to find the wrapped-up metal detector to keep in theme with the gift.

Remote Control Car

Buy a remote control car for little boys who enjoy playing with traditional toy cars or would like a real one of their own. A remote control car gives a child the independence to control where the car goes, making for a more grown-up toy. Remote control cars come in lots of colors, styles and price ranges to suit all buyers and tastes.