Beauty Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

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Girls with glasses face a day-to-day challenge that women with enviable 20/20 vision might not consider: how to wear makeup that stands out in a chic, feminine way. Everyday eyewear can serve as a fashion statement, but it's important to wear the right makeup to complement your spectacles. For girls rocking glasses, there are specific beauty tips and tricks you can do to play up your lashes and your pout.

Layer On the Mascara

Your eyes aren’t as easy to see from behind frames so playing up your lashes is crucial. To make your eyes pop, consider using black mascara and curling lashes with an eyelash curler to really make them stand out. Use a waterproof or smudgeproof mascara as not to mark up the inside of your lenses. Girls with glasses can also play with eyeliner. Try a cat-eye look on your upper lash lines to define your eyes' shape. The thicker your eyeglass frame, the thicker you can apply your eyeliner.

Use Bright Lip Color

Lips are the easiest facial feature to highlight when glasses shield your eyes, so play up your pout. Try using a bright pink or red shade to draw attention to your lips. Be sure to downplay any eye shadow to let your lips take the stage. Going heavy on both eye makeup and lipstick can create an overdone look so pick one or the other to emphasize.

Darken Eyebrows

Darkening your eyebrows is a trick frequently used by designers and models on the runway to give their brows shape and definition. Use dark brown eyeliner and gently apply it to your inner brow working outward; make sure to smudge within the lines of your eyebrow to create a defined shape. Darkened eyebrows will stand out from behind glasses and will further accentuate your eyes.

Use Blush

While the upper portion of your cheeks may be partially covered by glasses, don’t allow them to be forgotten. Use liquid or powder blush on the apples of your cheeks to add color to your complexion, giving your skin a healthy glow that can be noticed even behind your lenses.