Bathing Suits to Hide Tummy

by Laura Leiva ; Updated September 28, 2017

For some, bathing suit shopping is a source of anxiety, but there is nothing to worry about. Bathing suits come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes that flatter every body type, whether you want to hide the tummy or elongate the appearance of your legs. When shopping, there are a few things you can look for to get the best suit style for your shape. For those wanting to camouflage the tummy area, there are plenty of styles and accents to watch out for so you feel great in your next suit.


Look for swimsuits that draw attention away from the trouble area. An empire-cut bathing suit accentuates the waist, diverting attention from the stomach. The cinching in the upper middle of the suit, directly underneath the bust, is around the slimmest part of the body and attention will instantly go to that part of the suit. A tankini-style suit is another one that will hide the tummy area. The tankini features a bikini bottom with a tank-style top and since the top extends down to just slightly above the top of the bikini bottoms, the tummy appears minimized when you are able to see that small amount of skin, as opposed to no skin in a one-piece or too much skin in a bikini.


Color blocking, which occurs when various solid colors are sewn together, helps camouflage the tummy area and draw the eye away from trouble spots. One way to minimize the appearance of the stomach is to choose a swimsuit that has two different solid colors sewn together, with a darker color on the bottom portion of the suit and a lighter color on top. The darker color minimizes the stomach area while the lighter color works in drawing attention to the upper portion of the body.


Accents help minimize trouble areas while adding detail to a suit. Ruching, which is fabric sewn together to create bunching, adds texture to a suit and covers areas like the tummy. Other accessories, like a belt on a one-piece, give your body an hourglass look while simultaneously minimizing the middle. To avoid looking boxy in a one-piece, look for a suit that cinches the middle either with a belt or ruching technique.

Control Panels

Purchase a swimsuit with a built-in control panel, which helps smooth and minimize trouble areas. Control panels are often used to slenderize the back, stomach or buttocks area and come in suits with a variety of colors or shapes. The panels are usually made of spandex, which allows the suit to slenderize you in all the right areas.