The Best Baby Shower Gifts for a First-Time Mother

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The baby shower for a first-time mother will be filled with the usual clothing and baby toy items. Make your present stand out from the rest by giving the first-time mom-to-be an uncommon item that she will appreciate.

Care of House and Home Gifts

A first-time mom will not have the time she had pre-baby to keep up her home and cook meals. So, present her with a gift certificate for a professional housecleaning service. The company must use fragrance-free and eco-friendly products to not aggravate the baby's system, according to the Celebrations article "Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts," by Jordan Reid.

Alternatively, arrange for you and a few of her other friends and relatives to alternate nights throughout the week to prepare and deliver dinner to her door. Give her a calendar of the designated nights and meal suggestions. Be mindful of any of her family's allergies or dietary restrictions.

Gifts for Baby Now and Later

The first-time mom will not have the luxury of using items from her first child for her next child. Give her gifts that can be useful as her baby begins to grow. Buy outfits in newborn sizes but also in larger sizes that will come in handy later.

A car seat that holds a newborn and than converts to hold a toddler is useful for safe car riding, suggests Jennifer Kelly Geddes in her "Parenting" article, "10 Best Baby Shower Gifts." Or a group of you might consider a convertible crib that can be transformed into a toddler bed when the baby gets older.

Encourage Alone Time

The new mom's schedule will get hectic as she learns how to take care of her child. Give her a break with a gift certificate to the spa. Your gift may include one service or the full package. Volunteer to baby-sit.

Alternatively, give her and her husband a much-needed date night after the baby's arrival. Tuck a restaurant gift card, theater tickets, a bottle of wine and a coupon for baby-sitting in a baskett, suggests Reid.

Picture-Perfect Gifts

Foot the bill for a professional photo session with her, her husband and new child, suggests the Baby Center article "Gifts for New Moms."

If she's not computer savvy, give her a gift certificate to an online service enabling her to customize her newborn's birth announcement. The gift will let her choose the perfect background and style to complement her newborn's first photo.