Baby Shower Activities: Who Knows Mommy?

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Baby showers allow friends and family members to come together and celebrate the mother-to-be in arrival of her new baby. Playing games that focus on how well shower guests know the mother is a way to break the ice and let participants become more familiar with the mommy-to-be. Activities involving who knows the mother-to-be may range from quiz activities featuring the mom as a baby to a game having guests predict her belly size.

Mother-to-Be Interview

See who knows the mother-to-be best by interviewing her before the shower. Ask her questions about her baby, such as how she found out she was pregnant and who she thinks the baby will look like; about her life, such as her job title or the city where she grew up; and other questions of interest to your group, such as her favorite book or television show and record her answers. During the shower, provide guests with a written list of the interview questions and ask them to guess the mother's answers. After all shower participants have recorded their guesses, have the mother-to-be share her answers to see who knows her best.

Mom as a Baby Quiz

Learn who knows the most about the mommy-to-be as a baby by talking to her parents before the shower. Ask them for information about the mother's weight and length at birth, the time of day she was born and about her firsts, such as her first food, first word or the age when she started walking. As part of the shower, share the questions with guests and ask them to record their answers. Check to see who knows the most about the mother-to-be as a baby once everyone has written their answers and offer a small prize to the winner.

Observation Game

Test your guests' observational skills by seeing who notices the most details about the mother-to-be's appearance during the shower. During the event, ask the mommy to leave the room and instruct the other shower guests to pay close attention to her when she returns. Have the mom re-enter the room and walk around before exiting again. While she is out of the room ask guests details such as her nail color, type of earrings or clothing color to see who knows her best. For an added twist, the BabyCenter website suggests distracting guests by having the mother carry a tray full of baby items as she walks around the room.

Belly Size Activity

Give shower guests the opportunity to show how well they know the mother-to-be by letting them guess how big her pregnant belly is. Have each shower participant cut a length of yarn or ribbon to the size that they think will best fit around the pregnant mommy's belly. Once each guest has cut their yarn, invite them to check their guess by wrapping it around the mom-to-be's belly to see who knows the mom's belly size best.