How to Announce a Pregnancy to Siblings

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Announcing a new pregnancy is something you will never forget. It can be as simple as uttering the words "I'm pregnant" or as elaborate as a multicourse baby-themed meal -- baby back ribs and baby carrots, of course. With your older children, however, it is important to be sensitive to their feelings and announce the pregnancy in a way that is fun but developmentally appropriate.

Know Your Child and Have Fun

Step 1

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You will announce your pregnancy differently to a 2-year-old than you would a 7-year-old. If your child is young, consider waiting to discuss your pregnancy until you are showing. A 2-year-old is more likely to understand something he can see -- a growing belly. Of course, if you are too excited to wait, go for it. Your child may not completely understand, but there is no harm in telling.

Step 2

If you are not sure how your child will feel about your big news, consider purchasing a gift to increase the appeal. Give your child a baby doll so she can practice being a big sister. Or if your child wants a special toy, now is the time to give it, with the explanation that it is a "big sister" gift. There are also T-shirts, books and movies that celebrate being an older sibling. Dressing your child in the T-shirt that says "big sister" can also double as a fun way to announce the news to grandparents or other family members.

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There are many ways to personalize the announcement and commemorate it for a lifetime. For an older child, create a photo book with pictures of your family from your wedding day until now. Put a picture of your ultrasound on the last page to announce the pregnancy. Read the book with your child and watch his face as he realizes what the last page means. Or simply tell your child about the pregnancy, but capture the moment with a photograph. Pose your child and instead of "cheese" tell him to say "I'm going to be a big brother!" Snap the photo and you'll have the memory forever.

Step 4

Make your child feel special by including her in the announcement to the rest of the family. Take family pictures and use your favorite as a new baby announcement. Pose your child with a sign reading, "I'm going to be a big sister!" Or "we have a new addition, coming soon!" Take a picture of your family's feet, all in a row, but put a pair of empty baby booties next to your child's feet. Pose with your child and hold a sign with your due date and an arrow pointing to your belly. There are so many options, get creative and have fun with your child.