How to Announce to Parents That You Are Pregnant

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Through the haze of excitement, the news has finally sunk in -- you’re pregnant! Now it’s time to share your joy with two of the most important people in your life. While you could just blurt it out, you can make the moment even more memorable by announcing your pregnancy to your parents in a special way.

Put It On

Let your parents know there’s a grandbaby on the way by wearing the announcement. You can pick up a plain T-shirt and use fabric markers to write cute sayings like, “I’m Pregnant,” “New Addition Due ‘August 14th’” or “There’s a Bun in My Oven.” You can use a stamp to make baby-size footprints all over the shirt instead or have a picture of the first sonogram printed on the plain shirt. If you have other children, have them wear the pregnancy announcement with a message, such as “I’m Going to be a Big Sister.” If this is your first baby, have your favorite pet announce the pregnancy to your parents for you. Pick up a dog-size T-shirt and use fabric markers to write, “I’m going to be a Big Brother,” and see how long it takes your parents to notice.

Wrap It Up

Surprise your parents with a gift that lets them know a far more valuable gift is on the way. You can pick up a package of newborn diapers and wrap them up with a note that says, “You should keep these at your house for when we come to visit,” or pick up a pair of baby bibs that say, “I love Grandma” and “I love Grandpa.” Take a look to see how big your baby is this week and pick up something equivalent to his size, such as a kidney bean at 8 weeks or a lemon at 14 weeks. Place the item in a gift box along with a note that says, "Your grandchild is this size right now and growing bigger every day.”

Picture Perfect

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a sonogram will say it all. You can place a copy of your baby’s first sonogram in a picture frame, arrange it on the coffee table and wait for your parents to notice when they come to visit. If no one notices the picture, be prepared with a gift box and sneak the frame into the box before the end of the evening to present to your parents. If you don’t have a sonogram photo yet, create a collage of photos instead and leave an empty spot that says, “To be filled on ‘October 22.’” Alternatively, have your parents over for a family photo and just before the camera flashes announce, “I’m pregnant” and capture their stunned and happy faces on film.

Table for Three

Share the good news with your parents over good food. Have your parents over for dinner and prepare a baby-themed menu, such as baby back ribs, baby corn and carrots and roasted baby potatoes. If you think your parents might need an extra clue, arrange pink and blue napkins at every place setting or continue the theme into dessert. You can serve pink or blue frosting-covered cupcakes with baby bottle or pacifier confectioneries or have fortune cookies made with custom messages, such as "Be prepared for the unexpected, especially since your daughter is expecting," or "There will be a new addition to the family on 'March 16.'" Alternatively, make copies of the baby’s sonogram and place one underneath each of your parents’ transparent salad bowls. The first person through their salad finds the pregnancy announcement first.