Anniversary Ideas for Troubled Marriage

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If your relationship is going through a rocky patch, acknowledging an anniversary can sometimes be difficult. But an anniversary is also the perfect time for you and your spouse to reflect on what is good about your relationship. Taking time to celebrate your love is important regardless of anniversaries, but an anniversary really gives you both the opportunity to give thanks for what you have. Appreciating the other person is especially important during difficult times.

Wedding Anniversary Book

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A wedding anniversary book that celebrates your relationship will give you both something positive to concentrate on. It will give you a great excuse to sit down together and focus on the happy times. By looking back at a collection of photographs, quotes from friends and editorial about your achievements as a couple, you'll find it easier to focus on what's great about the relationship. The Vanity Printing Press website offers personalized, professionally written books specifically for couples celebrating an anniversary.


One of the most important things for any relationship is time. Too often we're too busy to sit down and dedicate ourselves to our partner or spouse. By arranging a vacation to coincide with your anniversary, you get the opportunity to focus entirely on the relationship. The change of scenery may reinvigorate you a little too. Pick a location that is secluded and geared towards romance.

Repeat Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon symbolizes the start of your relationship. In most cases the honeymoon is the earliest memory of married life people have. Rekindle some of the feeling by organizing a trip that pays tribute to your honeymoon. Visit the same city and even the same hotel and use the opportunity to remember the feelings you had early on in the marriage. Don't try to emulate your honeymoon exactly, nothing can match the feelings you experienced back then.

Conert Tickets

Sometimes a small, thoughtful gesture is much more appreciated than a large gift. If your spouse's favorite singer or band are due in town, book tickets to the concert. Concert tickets are a good gift, regardless of when the concert is. If the concert is a few months down the line, it gives you both something to look forward to. Present the tickets in a decorated envelope.

New Experiences

A brand new experience, like salsa lessons or rock climbing can take you both out of your routine and introduce a new subject of interest to the relationship. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that boredom is one of the primary causes of relationship failure. Doing the same thing and repeating the same routine can lead to boredom. Sharing new experiences, starting with an anniversary salsa lesson, may be just the tonic.