Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

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Living miles apart from each other can pose a challenge for partners, as it is quite difficult to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship. You may not have the time or traveling expenses to see your significant other often. Planning activities, such as scavenger hunts, that don't require close proximity will allow the two of you to spend time together from afar.

Store Hunt

Though your lover is in a different state or city, there are likely discount chain stores common to both areas. Partake in an inexpensive scavenger hunt. Create a list of 15 romantic items for you both to find at the store, such as something red or something chocolate-flavored. Email the list to your significant other. Within a three-day span, you both will have to find all the items on the list at the store. You'll enjoy searching the store for items with your sweetie in mind. Then you each must mail off the items in a box as a gift. It will be fun to discover whether you purchased the same items as your lover.

Photo Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt will give you the opportunity to explore each other's city park from a distance. You both will go to a local park where there is a lot of activity. Take turns texting the name of a specific romantic item or natural object you want the other to find, such as a butterfly or an older couple holding hands. Use cell phones to snap the pictures and send them back and forth to each other. Comment on the things you like about each other's pictures. End the hunt by getting a person walking by to snap a picture of you under one of the park's trees and then send it to your lover.

Magazine Hunt

Scoping through magazines will have you and your lover feeling that you're right next to each other. Select objects inside the latest edition of a magazine. The objects can hold significance to your relationship -- the logo of the restaurant where you had your first date, for instance. Email the list and ask your partner to go to the store to find the same magazine. The magazine treasures will help your lover reminisce about special moments in your relationship. Your partner can then create a list of items for you to find in the magazine.

Movie Hunt

You are unable to be next to each other physically, but you can still enjoy a movie together as though you're in a theater. Pre-screen a romantic-comedy movie and create a list of specific items for your lover to find, such as the name of the restaurant where the main character goes on a date. Plan an evening to watch the movie by phone and email the list. You can discuss your favorite parts of the movie, but don't reveal any clues. When the movie's over, have your partner share with you the names of the found objects. Allow your significant other to be in charge of picking a movie and creating a hunt list for you on another evening.