Surprise Ideas for Monthly Anniversaries

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Dating can be a fun adventurous time for many people. Many love to celebrate their new-found love on a monthly basis, but determining what to give them or how to surprise them can be a difficult task. Although there are many ideas for yearly wedding anniversaries, there are not many ideas on how to celebrate monthly anniversaries.

First Two Months

The first and second month anniversary dates are still a time of getting to know one another. The time spent with the other person gives a better understanding of her likes and dislikes.Try surprising her with dinner at her favorite restaurant. Some other great surprises are a box of her favorite candy, taking her to a movie she wants to see or a private picnic in the park. These gifts show thoughtfulness and sincerity without going overboard. Avoid expensive gifts as these might scare the person away at this point.

Third Month

The third month anniversary is considered a milestone in most dating relationships. Now the relationship is a little more serious and is becoming something more. The time invested in this surprise should be well-spent. Surprise them with a personalized compact disc or tickets to a concert of their choice. These gifts show how intently you have been paying attention to their interests and how well you are getting to know them.

Fourth and Fifth Months

The fourth and fifth month anniversary gifts should concentrate on gifts both of you would enjoy. In the first two months of a relationship every waking moment is spent together and "real life" is blocked out. Every couple loves spending time together when the relationship is new, but now that a couple of months have passed, it's time to find a balance between the relationship and everyday life. The fourth- and fifth-month anniversary ideas should be used as a time for you to develop a deeper connection with one another. Surprise your partner by coming over early in the morning and setting out on an adventure. Take them on a rock climbing adventure or a boat trip for the day. When you reach the destination of your choice, plan a romantic picnic for the two of you to share.

Sixth Months

Six months of dating is a new milestone. Getting to know one another and establishing a connection has been a success. At this stage of the relationship, your partner has seen your good side as well as some flaws but doesn't seem to mind. The good outweighs the bad and both agree to take the relationship further. To show how meaningful the relationship is, it's important to give a gift that is unique and special, but do not go overboard. Surprise them with a locket that holds a picture of the two of you or a bracelet engraved with both of your names. Follow this surprise with a drive to an open field to gaze at the stars in each other's arms.

Seventh through Eleventh Months

This time of the relationship can be fun and exciting since you passed the sixth-month milestone. Months seven through eleven can be a time of exploring each other and finding out the true meaning of a relationship. Not every day will be perfect, but the time invested is well worth the effort. At this stage of the relationship, comfort begins to set in. There are goods days and some bad days, but the relationship holds value and meaning. The surprises for these months do not need to be extraordinary in any way, but they should focus on how much you love and care for one another. Grab a book, a blanket, some candles, food and head on down to the beach. Sit in the sand at dusk and read to them. The book of choice can be anything from silly stories to more serious poetry. When you are finished with the romantic beach dinner, pull out a scrapbook you made of the two of you. The scrapbook can include pictures from the past year you've spent together.

One Year Anniversary

Reaching the one-year milestone represents a fun, exciting journey of finding someone to connect with and love. Celebrating this anniversary should be unique and different than months one through eleven. A great surprise for this anniversary is a weekend getaway. Grab your partner and take them on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas. Another wonderful surprise is to take them for an overnight stay at one of the nicest hotels in the city. Have some champagne and flowers set up for when you arrive. Get dressed up for the night and wine and dine them at the fanciest restaurant in town. Finish the night by reminiscing about the past year together. Since most dating couples do not make it to this one year mark, it is a special time to cherish and remember.