8 Makeup Basics for Blue Eyes



You may not realize you're even doing it, but many people already select clothing and makeup that draws attention to their best features. For example, if you're a blue-eyed maven, you may have discovered that coppery eye shadows make your peepers pop, while slate grays tend to make your blue eyes look less vibrant. In addition to a swash of bronze eye shadow atop your lid, you can employ other makeup tricks that enhance your blue eyes, as well.

Nix Red Eyes

"Remove redness in your eyes with eye drops," notes Kendra Richards, a celebrity makeup artist, whose work has been seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair and InStyle magazines. She recommends seeking out blue-tinted eye drops (made for all eye colors), which make eyes really white. You shouldn't wear blue tinted eye drops with contact lenses, though; and always speak with your eye doctor before starting any eye-drop regimen, to determine what the best options are for you.


Best Shadows for Blue Eyes

Richards recommends using shadows in rust, bronze and gold tones to really make blue eyes pop. "Think fall colors that bring out the blue, and not complete with it," she adds. Additionally, think of the colors of clothing you wear that bring out your blue eyes, and play with those colors in shadows.


Smoky Makeup for Blue Eyes

Who doesn't love a good smoky eye? Blue-eyed gals look best in grays, dark blues and purples when it comes to dramatic, smoky eyes, so choose these colors when applying eyeliner, shadow and mascara.


The Perfect Mascara

Black and navy mascaras are always the go-to winner for blue-eyed women. Dark browns work, too, but medium or lighter shades of brown don't work as well for making blue eyes stand out. If you're craving color, opt for eggplant mascara.


The Perfect Eyeliner

"Black eyeliner, not brown, helps to make blue eyes pop the most," notes Richards. She suggests applying black liner on the upper water line and/or lining the inner water line. If you want something slightly less dramatic, choose a dark brown or navy eyeliner.


Softly Colored Lips

The softer and more natural your lip color is, the more accentuated your eyes become. Bold lips compete with your eyes, which is fine if you want to highlight your lips. If your mission is to make your blue eyes stand out, though, opt for a tinted lip balm, peachy pucker or matte, nude lip.


Warm Complexion

A glowing, slightly bronzed complexion can really emphasize blue eyes. Choose a bronzer that gives you a sun-kissed glow, and apply blush with warm undertones to the apples of your cheeks. Keep things in the same color family with a shimmery pale gloss and a swish of champagne shadow.


Going Au Naturel

The "no-makeup makeup" trend is perfect for those who want to play, but prefer a natural look. If you're sporting blue eyes, first apply a sheer coverage product to your face -- such as BB (beauty balm) or CC (color control) cream -- and blend well. Next, wear a matte, barely-there brown eyeshadow and line the upper lash line with a soft brown eyeliner. Seal the deal with a coat of dark brown or clear mascara and tinted lip balm.