7 New Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband

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Your guy has a rack full of ties, plenty of sweaters and a comprehensive music collection. Since the usual gifts won't do, looking in a different direction will help you to find the perfect gift for your beloved. New technology and gifts that take you a bit off the beaten path can help you to thoughtfully surprise your man.

Lessons and Experiences

Before you bring home a shopping bag, consider whether your loved one might like to try hang gliding or learn how to scuba dive. Purchasing some lessons will not only be an unexpected gift, but could set him on the path to enjoying a brand new hobby. If you're not sure about a commitment of this sort, consider buying him an experience he'd enjoy, such as a ticket to an engaging concert or an hour at a rock gym. Either way, you'll be delighting him without crowding his closet.

New Tools

You won't find PVC cutting tools, laser distance measuring equipment or 90- degree angle clamps on a typical list of "10 Must-Have Gifts for Your Man." Instead of buying him a boring gift certificate, get your guy the latest and greatest tool that will help him to finally complete the new kitchen table he's been working on, and you'll put a smile on his face. Materials are also a good bet. If your guy is a wood carver, invest in a nice piece of ebony or cherry wood. If he enjoys creating stained glass, buy him a few sheets of his favorite color of glass.

Books and Magazines

A book can either be a completely pedestrian gift or a unique one that will forever be treasured. To gift your guy with a book he'll love, bypass the fiction section and consider which specialty books he might enjoy. A budding herbalist will appreciate something like "The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine," for example. The same principle works for magazines. For a twist on a common gift, get him a specialty publication that is hard to find on the stands. For instance, the "Harvard Business Review" or "Modern Machine Shop" will fit his interests well if he's a entrepreneur or mechanic. Not only will he receive your gift several times, but your investment in his professional development might just pay off later.

New Tech

Technology develops at a pace that can be difficult to keep up with. Give him a hand by gifting him with the latest gadget to come on the market. You don't need to give him the same thing that everyone else is clamoring for, however. Carefully consider his specific interests and then decide. Perhaps he'd enjoy one of the new teeny-tiny handheld cams or some futuristic headphones crafted from aircraft aluminum that stream his favorite media. Does he often find himself off the beaten path with a dead cell phone? Take a hint from the tech website CNET and get him a manual charger that he can crank up whenever he needs to juice up his phone.

Luxury Gifts

A luxury gift doesn't have to break the bank. For example, for a mere $15, you can buy your man a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from a reputable winery that is "lavishly oaked, with caramel, chocolate and cedar flavors," according to "Food and Wine." Give a guy who reliably uses up all the hot water each morning a triple-milled French soap and a shaving brush. When you're filling his stocking, place a pair of cashmere socks inside. Little touches of luxury in his life will make him feel like a cherished king.