How to Recycle Popcorn Tins


Popcorn tins are great to keep on hand during the holidays to give unexpected guests. They are usually inexpensive and almost everyone enjoys popcorn. However, if you receive one (or more) of the sizeable tins, you might find yourself at a loss with what to do with the metal container once the tasty corn is gone. While the metal is recyclable, why not make use of it in your own home or find a way to give it as a gift?

Store ornaments, bows, ribbon, lights or other holiday-related items in the tins. Since most people receive these as holiday gifts, it seems appropriate and will definitely be timely. They will stack nicely in your shed or garage, as well.

Buy grocery staples such as flour, rice or beans in bulk, which are typically sold at a very economical price. Store the items in popcorn tins. The tins usually seal very tightly and bugs or rodents will have a hard time nibbling through the metal container.

Use the tins to store your craft items in. The tins are ideal for containing everything from bath and candle making materials to holding fabric, yarn and knitting needles.

Store homemade fire starters or kindling inside of the popcorn tins. Since the containers are metal, you don't have to worry about them being flammable. Don't store them too close to the fire, though, as it could scorch or melt decorative paint or enamel.

Line a container with a plastic grocery or shopping bag and use it as a trash bin. Or use the lined tin in your foyer, mudroom or near the front door to stash umbrellas in. The plastic bag will protect the metal from any rain on the umbrellas.