55th Birthday Party Decorations

Marcela Becerra/Demand Media

At a 55th birthday party, your guest of honor may be in disbelief about this milestone. Many people who are 55 have raised their children and are at the apex of their careers. There is much to celebrate at this age and the right 55th birthday party decorations can help to get the party started.

Let the Kids Do It

Marcela Becerra/Demand Media

If the birthday guest of honor has children, they can help with the decorating. Ask them to find photographs of their father to adorn the walls of the party. They can create their own artwork and buy pretty candles or lights to illuminate the party room.

If there are no children available a relative or friend can put the same care into decorating. Photographs chronicling the special guest's 55 years of living are a vibrant, personal way to decorate the party.

Looking Back

Marcela Becerra/Demand Media

Check online for newspaper articles for the month or year of the birthday gal's birthday. Hang these articles or headlines around the party to spark conversations about the events.

Work with others to find letters, school papers or other pieces of writing from the past five decades of her life. Collate them into a book, and give everyone a glimpse into the decades of their friend's life.

Looking Forward

Marcela Becerra/Demand Media

At 55, there is every reason to believe that life has much left to offer. Whether you're an artist or not, you can draw some comical action drawings of the birthday guy. You can even hang some blank paper for guests to create their own pictorial prophecies for the guest of honor.