5 Instagram-Inspired Ideas for What to Hang Above a Headboard


There are a few notoriously tricky spots to decorate in a home: an awkward corner in a living room, an oddly sized nook under a staircase and, of course, the space above a headboard. What do you do with that vast expanse behind your bed, anyway? Rather than letting that challenging blank wall intimidate you, get inspired to use it to its full decorative potential. We've rounded up five of our favorite ideas from Instagram to convince you that it is finally time to hang something beautiful above your pillow.

Add Texture With a Macrame Wall Hanging

If you spend the first 15 minutes of your day scrolling through Instagram, then you've probably noticed an influx of photos featuring textile wall hangings in your feed. Though we've seen this easygoing décor staple styled in entryways, hung above bar carts and incorporated into gallery walls, why not hang one over your headboard to add texture to your bedroom? They're affordable, easy to make and add instant boho vibes to your space —no wonder they've become so popular!

Frame a Flag as a Homestate Homage

Even if you don't live far from the place you call home, a framed flag is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add some color to that barren wall space above your bed. However, if you do live far from home, incorporating a nod to your roots into your bedroom décor is a surefire way to keep homesickness at bay. OK, not a surefire way, but it can't hurt, right?

Liven Up Your Space With a Touch of Greenery

Rather than including a traditional potted plant in your room, install a row of bud vases above your bed to display leaves, flowers or herbs. You'll save precious tabletop and floor space by going vertical, without sacrificing the ability to incorporate greenery into your decor. If you want to keep maintenance to a minimum, opt for faux plants, reserving "the real deal" for special occasions, like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

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Give Your Bedroom Rustic Vibes With Faux Antlers

Faux antlers are the quintessential rustic home décor accessory, but that doesn't mean they're exclusive to provincially inspired interiors. Gain inspiration from this room, designed by eHow contributor Amber Lewis, and mount a colorful pair of faux antlers above a bed to add a surprising amount of charm to a modern space. Often, it's the unexpected details that take a room to the next level.

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Hang a Large-Scale Print of Your Favorite Photo

If you're constantly maxing out your phone's photo storage, why not turn one of your favorite snaps into a piece of art? Whether it's a photo of a beautiful shoreline, an ethereal cloud or a modern cityscape, an oversized print will instantly add personality to your space. If you want to get the look on the cheap, head to your local office supply store and get an engineer print of your fave photo (more details on how to do that here).

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