Ways to Wear Your Hair Up for Softball

Donald Linscott/iStock/Getty Images

Softball requires you to run, bounce, swoop and spin. But you can't do any of these things well if your hair is blocking your view, getting into your mouth or just being a plain nuisance. Find ways to put up your hair during the game. Styles that are both effective and fashionable are not all that hard to accomplish.

Side-Swooped Braid

Although a braid is relatively simple, placing it low on the side of your head can add style and drama. Begin by rubbing a dime-sized amount of hair-smoothing cream or a shine serum into your palms. Pull all of your hair to one side of your head and style it into a braid. It can be as loose or tight as you like. Secure the ends with a covered band.

Pretty Pony

Blow dry your hair straight, using a round brush to add volume at the roots. Brush your hair straight back to eliminate any part. Lean your head back slightly to create additional volume, then gather all of your hair into a ponytail. Secure the ponytail tightly at eye level with an elastic band. Separate out several chunks of hair and wrap them around the elastic band. Securing them in place with bobby pins.

Twisty Pony

Mist damp hair with a volumizing spray and blow it dry. Create a horizontal part behind your ears and gather the back half together, securing it into a pony tail with a rubber band. Part the front section of your hair to the side and gently twist both parted sides. Wrap these twisted ends around the ponytail base and bobby pin them into place.

Fishtail Braid

Divide your hair into two equal sections. Hold the right section with your right hand. Pick up a small chunk of hair from the outside area of the left section using your left hand and cross it over to the right section. Repeat on the other side, using your right hand to cross a chunk of hair from the right section over to the left section. Continue braiding until you reach the end of your hair, then secure the braid with an elastic band.