4 Sexy Hairstyles Perfect for Staying Cool


When the mercury starts to rise, the sweat starts to fall. And all that hair on your head can make the heat feel sweltering.

Staying cool in the heat of summer is imperative, but we can all agree that looking fab is pretty darn important as well. Beat the heat (and the standard ponytail) by rocking these easy summer hairstyles below. Instructions included.

Turn That Frizzy Crown Upside Down

All you gals who suffer from the frizz affliction, don’t fight it. Other than using hair oil to calm it down, there isn’t much you can do. So embrace the frizz by pulling your hair into a messy topknot.


1. Using a fine-tooth comb, tease your ends a bit and add a little texturizing or hold spray. Hang down your head and gather all your hair at your crown (the upper back of your head). Twist your hair and hold it up at the top of your head like shown in the photo.

2. Next, wrap your hair around itself and into a bun.

3. Secure with an elastic.

4. Optional: To make this look a bit more special than your typical topknot, you can also French braid the hair at your crown.

Grab the section at the top of your head that you want to braid and split it into three sections. Take the outside pieces and pass them over the middle piece. Add small sections of hair to the outside sections after each pass. Continue all the way to your crown and combine that hair with the rest of your hair before putting up your topknot.

A Donut (Bun) with Your Name on It

For gals with thinner hair, it’s sock buns all the way. This nifty little device — called a foam doughnut or hair ring (or use a sock if you’d like) — can make thin hair look full. Even better, this look keeps all of your hair completely off your neck, so you’ll be feeling as cool as you look.

Make sure when purchasing the doughnut that you are choosing the right size for your hair thickness. Women with very thin hair need to use a small doughnut because they have less hair to cover the form.


1. Tie your hair in a ponytail at the place you’d like the bun to sit. Next, pull your ponytail through the hole in the doughnut. From here, sit the doughnut at the base of your ponytail. Split your hair into two sections (top and bottom as shown in photo) and spread the hair all the way around the doughnut. Take an elastic and wrap it out around the bun, securing the hair that you just situated around the doughnut.

2. With the remaining pieces of your hair (the ends), take small sections and wrap them around the base of the bun, securing the hair with bobby pins.

3. For an even more creative look, you can braid a few of these sections. Secure with bobby pins.

For Taming Wild Curls, Put it Up in Faux Hawk Ponytail

Styles that complement your wild curls will make your look feel more natural, and a faux hawk ponytail is a perfect way to achieve this.


1. Start by gathering the strip of hair that runs from your forehead to the crown of your head. Split it into a few sections and give the backside of each one a little tease.

2. Mist some hairspray over the top, then pin down the hair at the end of the top of your head where your ponytail will sit. This will keep the look messy and natural-looking.

3. This style looks better with a ponytail that sits at the crown of your head. Secure with an elastic and you’re good to go.

For Thick-Haired Girls, Braids Are the Way to Go

There are many different styles of braids you can try, but right now the Kardashians and their boxer braids are stealing the show.

Here is a version of this popular style. The first steps can be challenging, but with practice, you’ll fly through them in no time.


1. Part your hair in the center and divide it into two equal sections.

2. Tie one off and out of the way while you work on the other side.

3. You’ll start by French braiding the hair on top of your head. Make three small sections, then wrap the outside sections over the middle one, alternating. Each time you make a pass, add a small section of hair to the outside sections. Continue this way until you reach the back of the top of your head. Secure with an elastic.

4. Take another small section of hair, pulling from the front side of your head all the way to where your part is at the back (under the first ponytail) and secure with an elastic. Split the top ponytail into two sections, pull the second ponytail up between those two sections and clip to the side and out of the way.

4a. Take a new section of hair like you did for the second one and combine it with the ponytail that you just split into two sections. Secure all of that hair with an elastic.

4b. Take the ponytail that you clipped aside, split it into two sections and pull the underneath ponytail up through the split sections.

5. You continue repeating this pattern until you have all of your hair split into two sections at the nape of your neck. This is where it gets easy. Split the front ponytail and pull the one behind it between the two sections. Recombine the two sections you just split and secure with a hair tie.

6. Keep making this pattern all to the way down to the end, and then finally secure with your last hair tie. It sounds complicated, but once you put it into practice, it becomes easy and looks great!

We'd Never Forget Our Short-Haired Ladies

For starters, you’re lucky if you wear a short cut during the summer months. Your hair is already off your neck, which results in a cooler body temperature. But for short-haired ladies who want to rock an updo, try a low side chignon — or go all ’90s-style with low double buns.

For a fun, messy look, take a bunch of bobby pins and pin up your hair in random-size pieces at the nape of your neck. Using gold or printed bobby pins can dress up this look even more.

Last but Not Least, Bangin' Bangs

Bangs in the summer can be tough. The sweat from your forehead leaves your bangs in the splash zone. For the ladies who wear bangs to hide a larger forehead, try side-sweeping them instead of pinning them back. When you blow-dry your hair, blow your bangs to one side rather than in the middle. This still masks your forehead while giving some breathing room.

Side French braiding your bangs into your longer hair is a good way to get them off your face as well. You’ll need to use some bobby pins to secure the ends and keep them from sticking out.

What Do YOU Think?

What are your summer go-to hairstyles to beat the heat? Do you have any fun braids or styling techniques that you go back to time and time again? Let us know in the comments section.