How to Do a Weave Bun

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If you love the look of a chic bun but you don't have enough hair to pull off the look, no worries. All you need is a little help, which, in this case, means a little bit of weave. Creating a glamorous, trendy bun with weave is incredibly simple and doesn't take a lot of time, so you'll be able to score your updo style in no time.

Creating Your Bun

Decide whether your hair will stay slicked back with or without the help of gel. Some ladies don't love gel, so applying it can be optional. If you have shorter or frizzier pieces that you don't think will stay in check, a little gel is a good option. Just apply a bit of soft-drying gel to your hair, starting at the edges and working your way to the area of your hair where you'll create your bun. Brush your hair in place. Now you're ready to pull it back into a ponytail.

Start your bun by creating a ponytail. Simply brush your hair back and secure it with an elastic tie. You can wear your bun at the nape of the neck, all the way at the crown of the head or anywhere in between, so decide where you want to sport yours and create a ponytail in that area. Side buns also work, so pull your pony over to the left or right if it suits you.

Create a small bun with your actual hair so you'll have something to wrap your weave around. Wrap your hair around the base of your ponytail until it forms a small bun. Secure your bun in place with a few bobby pins or another elastic band.

Finish your look with your clip on bun. Simply place it over your actual bun and secure it with a few bobby pins.