10-Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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Ten years of marriage is an accomplishment and calls for more than a typical anniversary celebration. Couples can celebrate this anniversary with each other or with their families. Some couples decide to renew their wedding vows at home, while others plan a romantic getaway.

Gems and Flowers

Diamond jewelry is considered a modern gift for a 10-year anniversary. It can be given as a ring for the wife to wear on her right hand, matching the diamond ring she already wears on her left hand. Another gem stone that is popular for 10-year anniversary is a blue sapphire. The color for this anniversary is silver or blue, and the flower is a daffodil.

Celebrate Privately

Spend the day visiting the place you first met or a place that's special to you both. If you are outdoors people, spend the day hiking or walking on the beach or taking a bike ride. Visit a beautiful garden or picnic in the park. Spend the day in a nearby city and reserve a luxurious hotel room to spend the night in and relive your honeymoon.

Celebrate with Loved Ones

If you want to celebrate your 10-year anniversary with loved ones, think about renewing your wedding vows. Consider having the ceremony in the same church or location where you were first married. If you want a more low-key ceremony, consider a backyard or a beach or other scenic location. If you have children, ask them to be bridesmaids or groomsmen or flower girls and ring bearers. The bride could wear her original wedding dress or opt for a simple white dress. Plan a reception for your friends and family. Go casual with a buffet-style dinner or spring for an elaborate five-course meal.

You also could plan a family trip to celebrate. Visit a place you have never been before or a place you know well and love. You may want to limit the guest list to your children, but you also can invite siblings, parents and grandparents. Even if you take your family along for the trip, try to spend one evening by yourselves.