What Is the Gift for a Fourth Anniversary?

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Sexy and functional leather gifts for the third anniversary are followed by fruity sweets and floral scents for the fourth anniversary -- when you stick to gifts from the traditional list. Emily Post created the first real traditional anniversary gift guide in 1922 for milestone celebrations, but the American National Retail Jewelers Association updated it in 1937 to include additional years. But if you think traditional gift ideas don't suit the happy couple, choose an item from the modern list instead.

The First 10 Years

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Traditional wedding anniversary gifts in the first 10 years of marriage focus on building the supplies in the home, with the more luxurious gifts reserved for later anniversary celebrations. Anniversary gifts increase in value with each added year of marriage. Time-honored traditions call for specific gifts for each year, such as paper, cotton and leather for the first-, second- and third-year anniversary milestones.

Traditional Gifts

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Gifts of fruits, flowers or both are listed as the traditional gift for the fourth wedding anniversary. Turn the gift into a romantic getaway for two by adding wine and cheese to that anniversary fruit basket along with an overnight stay at their favorite close-to-home getaway. An edible fruit bouquet can make the fourth-anniversary celebration even sweeter.

Modern Gifts

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Because some of the traditional gift ideas date back many years, they may not be suitable for modern couples. Modern anniversary gifts include appliances for the fourth-anniversary celebration. Consider appliances the couple may not already have, such as a his-and-her smartphone docking station with speakers, an Internet streaming device for their favorite flicks or a standalone stainless steel fondue set. For the vegetarian couple, a juicer or high-end blender might do the trick.

Gifts for Her or Him

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Attach a sporting event ticket to a small bonsai tree or dwarf fruit tree to make him a fourth-anniversary gift he won't forget. Or, if he's pondered making his own beer, get him a miniature beer brewers' keg and kit. For her, add her favorite chocolates to a fruit and flower bouquet along with fruit-flavored chocolate body paints, or give her favorite floral perfume with a handmade anniversary card. Tuck a day-at-the-spa gift certificate into a basket filled with floral-scented bath products for a gift she can appreciate.