What Colors Should I Wear With Silver Hair?

teacher image by Twilight Dragon from Fotolia.com

Silver hair, aka plain old gray hair, has typically been seen as something to dread in our society. The stereotypes associated with it are loss of youth, vitality and sexuality. But it doesn't have to be that way. Silver hair can be gorgeous, sexy and vibrant. Choosing appropriate wardrobe pieces can be a big help in this area. They will highlight the best parts of your silver tresses, and show the world you are not afraid to flaunt them.


One especially appropriate choice with silver hair are colors that are variations of silver, gray and white. Note that while these choices will put some of the focus on your hair, they show you aren't afraid to let the world see and appreciate it. The monochromatic look also appears elegant, sophisticated and chic. However, if you want a more understated look, this color family isn't the best selection for you.


Dark colors are especially flattering to silver hair, as they give the wearer a serene, calm appearance. Men can wear black or brown suits and shirts, and for women, jewel tones give a rich flavor to garments that is livelier than neutral colors. Using these hues makes the wearer appear mature, but in a way that is dignified, not old. However, entirely dark outfits should be avoided unless the occasion calls for it, such as a funeral or if you are a member of a profession where vibrant colors are discouraged. Adding a pop of color, such as with a scarf or tie, gives a hint of youthfulness without seeming childish.


The only colors to truly avoid if you have silver hair are ones geared toward the younger set, such as candy colors or neon. While it may be tempting to appropriate these to show you are still "cool," you may come off as trying too hard to regain lost youth. It will be difficult to be taken seriously in business or personal arenas wearing these colors. You want to be seen as someone who embraces the changes that come with maturity, not someone who runs from them.


Although it's tempting to dye your hair another color to hide the silver, consider leaving it alone. No strong limitations on wardrobe choices exist with silver hair, and letting it be shows that you are strong, confident and comfortable with yourself. That way, no matter what you wear, you are sure to come off looking pulled together.