Wedding Ideas for Baby Food Jars

jars of plum, summer fruits,& cidered apple butter image by L. Shat from

Taking care of some of the wedding details yourself is ideal if you enjoy crafts or have more time than money to dedicate to your wedding. Recycle baby food jars to use as wedding decorations or favors for your guests. Using baby food jars for your wedding can add a romantic feel, no matter how casual or formal your wedding is.


Clear or painted baby food jars can easily house tea light or votive candles to add a soft glow to your tables. Line a rectangular table with the jars in between larger centerpieces, such as floral arrangements or pillar candles. Alternatively, encircle a centerpiece with the jars on a round table. Fill the baby food jars with potpourri, rose petals or another fragrant material if you want to induce a particular fragrance. Use items that complement your wedding theme and style. For example, fill the jars with sand and seashells or sea glass for a beach wedding or rhinestones and other faux gemstones for a sparkly effect. Paint the jars to mimic other objects that go along with your wedding. For example, paint the jars orange to look like pumpkins for a fall or Halloween wedding. Cover the lid of the jar with orange fabric, such as felt, and add a little brown twig as the stem. Use silver or gold for a Christmas-themed wedding or New Year's wedding. Fill the jar with candies to double as a favor.


Make small lanterns out of the baby food jars to line walkways or hang around the reception area. Twist metal around the lip of the jars and into a handle if you plan to hang the jars from trees or the ceiling. Insert tea light candles and you have a lantern. Use LED candles as a safety precaution or add other materials to the bottom of the jars, such as raffia or straw for a rustic look.


Baby food jars can display all sorts of goodies and serve as your wedding favors. Pour your own candles directly into the jars. Make gel candles if you have little charms you'd like to include, such as small seashells or flower beads. Fill the jars with the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe or preserve your homemade jam in the jars. Candy or mints are another option, and can be color-coordinated to complement your wedding colors. Make snow globes out of the jars by gluing small plastic or ceramic figures to the lid of the jar with waterproof glue. Fill the jar with water, glycerin and glitter or confetti. Use a thin layer of plumber's tape or waterproof glue to seal the lid and jar, tightening the lid as tight as you can. When you flip the jar over, you should have a custom-made snow globe.