Wedding Food Buffet Display Ideas

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After you have invested countless hours into planning your perfect wedding, you want your wedding food buffet display to impress your guests and carry through the festive atmosphere of your special day. A key factor in buffet display ideas is to create "eye appeal." Colorful food combinations, garnishes, enhancing decorations and eye-catching centerpieces, along with elevated tiers in your presentation, give your wedding buffet just the right touch of class.

Colorful Combinations

Organize your buffet display in sequential dining order. Accent each food tray or basket with an array of multicolor foods such as mounds of pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, melons and kiwi or a segmented tray of cold cuts, cheese, carrots, radishes, mushrooms, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. For a sweet treat, try a candy buffet. Choose a selection of colorful candies and personal favorites and display them in attractive glass jars with a scoop.

Garnishes and Decorations

Accent your food trays with greenery, fresh flowers, parsley, lettuce beds and other garnishes to enhance your guests' perception of elegance and food appeal. Adorn the table with ribbons, streamers, greenery or more flowers. Lighting is key in creating ambience and visual appeal. Use candles, flickering tea lights, LED lights or lamps to illuminate your food display.

Tiered Display

Use boxes, books or blocks of wood under the table cloth to create tiered levels on which to set your food trays and baskets. Place a tall display next to a low-lying display for more visual interest to draw the eye. Using food pedestals and risers can add a whole new dimension to your buffet.


One eye-catching centerpiece in the center of your buffet table can set the tone of your reception. Sculptures of ice or stone, water, chocolate or champagne fountains, a candelabra or a lush fresh flower arrangement lends a satisfying finishing touch to your reception and turns ordinary into extraordinary.

Beverage Display

After all the delectable food on the buffet display table, guests will be thirsty. A punch bowl can hold ice cream or champagne punches to quench thirst. For a more attention-grabbing option, try a champagne fountain whether you fill it with pop, punch or champagne. Satisfy coffee and tea lovers with urns of hot water and coffee and a selection of tea bags. Fill decorative buckets with ice to hold canned and bottle drinks. Provide a scoop for guests to help themselves to the ice.