Ways to Make a Movie Night Fun With Your Boyfriend

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There's a difference between having a movie night at home with your boyfriend and simply turning on the television because you're both bored. For a successful movie date at home, plan ahead to create an environment that will make the occasion special and enjoyable. Who knows -- you may be creating a tradition that will last throughout your relationship.

Select the Right Movie

Although you've been wanting to watch the entire "Twilight" saga" again, it's probably best to leave those movies for another time and find one that better suits you both. Consider an action flick, a crime movie or a fun comedy. For example, "Mission Impossible," Taxi Driver" and "There's Something About Mary" have all made AMC Filmsite's list of "Greatest Guy Movies of All Time." If your guy frequently sports cowboy boots, consider a western like "True Grit."

Serve the Right Snacks

A night in watching a film just isn't as fun without some serious snacks. To make the night special, tailor the treats to the film you're watching. For example, if you're going to watch "The Godfather," make a yummy tomato bruschetta and put out a selection of olives. If "Forest Gump" is the selection of the night, some mini shrimp sandwiches might be in order. Not all films will lend themselves to a customized menu. If this is the case, pop some popcorn and season it with your boyfriend's favorite flavoring, then serve up some sliders and cold drinks and you'll put a smile on his face.

Get Comfortable

To get the most out a movie date night, create a relaxing environment. Rather than simply sitting on the couch, create more seating options by putting down a throw and scattering some comfortable pillows on the floor. Ask your boyfriend to dress casually. You'll both be much more comfortable wearing jeans and a sweatshirt than in your fanciest date duds. Up the movie theater ambiance factor by dimming the lights and turning off phones and noisy appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine.

Go Outside

To add a twist to your movie night, go outdoors. Either take a laptop with a large screen to watch the flick on while you lay on a blanket in the grass on a balmy, breezy night or set up a projector and show the film on the side of your house or the fence. Debug the area first, advises decor and lifestyle blog "Apartment Therapy." Otherwise you risk your vampire movie being a bit too realistic as mosquitoes do their best to drain your blood.