What to Wear If Your Boyfriend Is Coming Over for a Movie

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Your boyfriend is on his way over for a date and perhaps you're a little nervous. One special concern is what to wear -- an age-old dilemma. You have a lot of clothing from which to choose and what you pick could mean the difference between an enjoyable night or dating disaster. Taking into account your boyfriend's tastes and preferences, you still need to select an outfit that will elicit the reaction desired, and lead the way for dating bliss.


What you wear on the date depends on its location. If you and your guy are making it a video at home with microwave popcorn, there's no need to go all out with the dress-up clothes and heavy makeup. Still, you should put on more than sweatpants and remember to comb your hair -- this is a date, after all. Consider stretch jeans or form-fitting velour; they're casual, but with a bit of sass to entice your boyfriend. If you're going out for a movie, the stakes are a bit higher. Jeans and a nice top work for such a casual date, but consider leaving the high heels at home. Flats worn should have a bit of sparkle or another feminine detail to show you made an effort to look pretty.


If you will be visiting the local cinema, local weather is a prime consideration when it comes to clothing choices. If it's summertime, your options are almost limitless. Depending on how much skin you are comfortable showing, you could opt for short shorts and a halter top. If you're a bit more modest, consider skinny jeans and a frilled or ruffled short-sleeved blouse. Wintertime presents more of a challenge, because you still want to look appealing while covering up from the cold. This is where tight sweaters and coats come in handy. They let you show off your figure while conserving body heat -- although you could always snuggle up to your boyfriend for that.


Sometimes, even if you've known your boyfriend for a while, you're just not the kind of girl who enjoys putting it all on display. But, you still want to look attractive enough to feel good about yourself and let your boyfriend know he's worth the effort. Try accessories that show off your personal style and remind your boyfriend why he chose you. A cute purse or necklace that was a gift from him will remind your special guy that no matter what the dating activity, there's no one you'd rather be with than him.