Valentine Gift Ideas for a Teen Boyfriend

Although the stores are stuffed with roses, chocolates and stuffed animals during the Valentine’s Day holiday season, buying the right gift can still seem challenging. This challenge is made more difficult for a teenage girl trying to buy a gift for her boyfriend. The key to buying a gift for a teenage boy is to focus on his interests.

Gift Cards

With music increasingly being bought online these days, gift cards for online music stores can be purchased at any big box electronics or discount store. Teenage boys who enjoy music will love the chance to pick out their own tunes for their computer or personal music device. Gift cards can also be purchased for movie tickets or their favorite athletics, clothing or electronics stores. Most shopping centers also offer generalized gift certificates that are honored by merchants throughout the center.


Although many electronic gadgets are out of the price range for teenage girls, not all are. Small, inexpensive hand-held games make great gifts. In addition, older computer games or games for gaming consoles can often be picked up at a discount from electronics stores that are trying to sell them at closeout prices. Other electronic devices that won’t break the bank include USB drives, computer speakers or accessories for portable music players.

Sporting Goods

If your boyfriend is into athletics, then sports-themed gifts may be a good method of showing your affection on Valentine ’s Day. Sports-themed gifts may include actual equipment such as footballs or basketballs, or hats, shirts or jackets emblazoned with team logos. Some tickets to sporting events can be had for less money than tickets to movie theaters.

Carrying Devices

Increasingly, teen boys carry a lot of stuff. Because of this, the messenger bag is an accessory that is growing in popularity with teenage boys. Messenger bags are typically masculine, and may be black in color or feature a skateboarding motif. Other carrying devices that may interest a teenage boy include iPod covers or wallets.


Masculine jewelry is becoming a fashion accessory that is popular among teenage boys. Jewelry that teenage boys may like to wear includes jewelry made from hemp rope, dog tags, leather thongs or bracelets, thick silver rings and chunky beads made of bone or wood.

Learning Kits

Many companies that manufacture learning games recognize that there is a market for starter kits to individuals who have an interest in science or music. For this market, these companies make beginning telescopes, microscopes and musical instruments. If your boyfriend has an interest in these areas, a learning kit may be a way to show that you notice his interests.