Unique Table Centerpiece Ideas

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A centerpiece is a great way to bring a cohesive theme to a table. Elaborate centerpieces can be impressive, but a unique centerpiece can show your guests that you have thought about your theme and put time and effort into creating a unique and thought-provoking centerpiece. A unique centerpiece is created with materials that you would not expect to find in a table centerpiece.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

For an outdoor- or country-themed wedding, mason jars can be more than just a container for a centerpiece. Wrap them with tissue paper, and place a candle inside for a simple and unique centerpiece. Or, fill an empty mason jar with straw or wildflowers. A mason jar filled with creek rocks supporting taper candles can also be a pretty addition to any table.

If you are hosting a kids' party, fill mason jars with your favorite bite-sized candy, which is both unique and functional. Jars of candy could also be used at an adult party using color-specific candy that matches the theme.

Silver Forest

For a nighttime event, silver is a great color to decorate with. To bring nature into your centerpiece without spending a lot of money, make a quick and easy centerpiece that will impress any guest by collecting branches, driftwood, rocks or even leaves and spraying them with a silver spray paint. You can use either a matte or glossy finish, depending whether you want your centerpiece to be shiny or not. Arrange your painted items together and disperse white tealights throughout.

Flowerless Centerpieces

Flowers can be expensive as centerpieces, so use alternative materials to create that special look to your table. If you want to decorate with a vase, consider using feathers (like peacock) or branches--or even rocks and marbles.

Fill a bowl with fruits or even vegetables that match the colors of your party theme or interior space. Exotic fruits are unique, but even simple oranges and tomatoes have their own beauty.

When celebrating a person, such as for a birthday or retirement party, a collection of pictures in a variety of multicolored frames is also a wonderful way to showcase that person's life.

An eclectic centerpiece can be made after a quick trip to an antique or thrift store, where you can pick up an assortment of vases or bowls. Make sure they don't match and that they do differ in height. The assortment can be left unfilled or filled them with any number of things.