Unique Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts

Andrew Dernie/Photodisc/Getty Images

Secret Santa is a fun tradition in which members of a group anonymously gifts another member with a secret item. Playing Secret Santa not only brings the group together, but it's a low cost way to celebrate Christmas since you'll only have to purchase one gift rather than several. Just because you're low on funds doesn't mean you can't be creative with your gifts. There are many ways in which you can keep the cost down and create a unique holiday gift.

Personalized Basket Set

Creating a personalized gift basket is a fun, unique way to show someone you care. A basket is cheap, typically starting below $10, and you can fill it up with whatever you think your gift recipient will enjoy. For your friend that's a homebody, fill a basket with newly released DVD, New York Time's best seller novel, and candles - perfect items for a night-in. For the foodies, include in the basket a box of gourmet pasta, cheese, and a jar of your homemade marinara sauce.

Wine and Beer Set

For most groups, wine and beer are safe gifts to give. A bottle of your favorite red can cost as low as $10. If you want to put more thought into it, consider creating a nice box set of different half bottles of wine and/or bottles of beer. When creating a set, think in themes. For example, do a set of different reds, different whites or a mix of half bottles of wine. For beer enthusiasts, create a set of Belgium beer if that's your gift recipient's favorite type. If not, do a set of beers around the world.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts are great for creative people, especially those on an extremely tight budget. Sew a child a stuffed animal or knit a young woman a scarf. Even if you don't believe you're creative, you can still come up with creative gifts. If you love to cook, print and bind some of your favorite recipes. If you love sports, make a calendar with the game schedules posted.