Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Men

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Men can be a lot easier to buy something for than women. Men rarely exhibit the urge to take something back, and show no inherent sense of duty to exchange one gift for another of a different color. Simply put, men can be grateful creatures, fairly easy to please. Still, they like some gifts more than others.


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Men have always loved gadgets, and the beauty of technology is that there's always something new and better coming to replace the gadget a man already has. Our first four gifts are all wonders of the electronic world.

  1. Apple iPhone. He may have a cell phone, but does he have an iPhone? Even if he does, is it the latest generation? The Apple iPhone is fast becoming the creme de la creme among so-called "smart phones," making even the Blackberry look passe.

  2. iPod Touch. The coolest iPod yet, with music, games, photos, videos and various other applications, all accessible with the mere touch of your finger.

  3. You know men don't like to ask directions. But men also don't like to get lost. A GPS navigation system is the answer--he'll actually get where he wants to go without having to ask a single soul. Look for a higher-end model that gives you you step-by-step verbal instructions as you drive.

  4. Blu-ray Disc player. With everyone snapping up high-definition TVs, a Blu-ray Disc player is a must. For starters, regular DVD is not in high-def. You can up-convert it all you like, but it still won't come close to the pristine picture quality of Blu-ray Disc, the only way to get true 1080p high-definition. Not even high-def cable can match that.

Sinful Pleasures

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Men who fancy themselves worldly and sophisticated appreciate fine wine and a good cigar, our next two Top 10 gifts.

  1. A bottle of cabernet sauvignon from his birth year, or maybe your anniversary, will be a treat he'll treasure, brag about and maybe even share with you. Toss in a pair of monogrammed wine glasses for added effect.

  2. A good cigar, on top of that, is sure to please the tobacco lover. Head to the nearest cigar store and scan the shelves for anything rated higher than 90 on the Cigar Aficionado scale. Or ask the clerk for his recommendations. Cigar store employees invariably are well informed.

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Give the man on your list a getaway, the chance to do something sporty or ultra-masculine for a day or two.

  1. A sportfishing cruise is a great gift if you happen to live near the water. Send him out on a boat for a day or two with a bunch of other men and let him bring back his catch and cook it . He'll be proud to show you how he can gut and clean the fish and barbecue it. (Heck, maybe he'll even do the dishes.)

  2. Rent him a fancy sports car for the day. You'll benefit from this, too--he'll almost feel obligated to take you along as he cruises along the two-lane in his Porsche or Lamborghini.

A Man and His Car

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Men typically take great pride in what they drive, so visit the dealer showroom of his particular make and snap up some cool designer accessories.

  1. A sterling silver key chain with his car's logo is something he'll use as much as he treasures it. And it's a way for him to do some subtle bragging, because every time he slaps his keys on the counter everyone will know exactly what he drives. Other high-end car-related gift ideas include sunglasses, jackets and ties.

A Man and His Hobby

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Every man has a hobby, so get him something connected with his passion.

  1. If he likes golf, he'll be thrilled to get that new club he's been coveting. If he likes to watch football, get him a jersey from his favorite team. If he's a fisherman, how about the latest lure or reel? If he happens to collect books, a first edition William Faulkner or Ernest Hemingway novel can't be beat.