22nd Birthday Present Ideas

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Though 22-year-olds -- like those in any other age group -- vary greatly in personality and taste, they do have one thing in common: Many are just starting out in life and may have limited budgets. Use their birthdays as an opportunity to get them something special that they wouldn't buy for themselves. Appropriate gifts for 22-year-olds include fitness equipment, a trip or even stocks.

Personal Fitness Gifts

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Many 22-year-olds maintain an exercise regimen, and most would appreciate a gift that helps improve their health or well-being. Easy-to-find and affordable options include free weights, fitness clothing or a daily planner. Even those who don't regularly work out may enjoy a gift that promotes healthy living, such as a basket of healthy food or a juicer. Personalize these gifts to the recipient's specific health goals.

A Trip

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Twenty-two-year-olds often find themselves in a major point of transition. Many are considering job opportunities in new cities, while others are finishing college and will soon be ready to explore the world. Give them the gift of transportation, and buy them a plane, train or bus ticket to a place they've always thought about living. Your thoughtful gift could have a major impact on their future by exposing them to new regions or cultures.

The Gift of Stock

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Money and finances may seem scary to some 22-year-olds, so buying someone her first stock certificate can usher her into the world of finance. MarketWatch notes that young people are becoming increasingly interested in stocks, as technology has sparked awareness about investing. Look for your 22-year-old's favorite company or activity and buy her stock related to that interest.

Books, Music and Movies

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Find out his favorite form of media, and buy him a book, movie or album related to this interest. If your 22-year-old is a voracious reader, find his favorite author and give him a book that he's been meaning to read. For those interested in cinema, a gift card to a local movie theater will offer a chance to see a movie at their leisure. Before buying music, always ask a 22-year-old about his preferred method of listening, as it could be via CDs, records, an MP3 player or a music subscription service.