Top 10 50th Anniversary Gifts

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A 50th wedding anniversary is a big milestone. Top 10 gifts for this occasion play with the concept of gold as the traditional 50th anniversary present. Use your creativity to come up with a gift the happy couple will really enjoy. Consider one of these top 10 gifts.

Homemade Gifts

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Create a wish tree. Use branches wired together to make a tree. Spray paint it gold. Tie messages on the branches with gold or white ribbon. Have children and family friends write messages to the couple with a gold paint pen. Hang photos and other reminders from the branches as well.

Frame a special poem or religious verse written with a gold calligraphy pen. Or, write your own poem or use song lyrics that are special to the couple.

Compile a CD of songs from the date of the marriage, or put a special song or two on from all five decades of their marriage.

Put a keepsake photo album together. Enlist the help of friends and family and ask for stories and memories to go along with the photos collected. Leave room in the back for more photos and memories.

Personalized and Engraved Gifts

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Give gold jewelry for a 50th wedding anniversary. Choose from necklaces, rings, bracelets or matching gold watches.

Gold dipped roses are another special gift idea. They are available engraved, framed or set in a glass box for display. Package engraved glasses or goblets with a bottle of gold-colored chardonnay.

Large gifts

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Send the couple to the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Go a step further and send them to the Gold Coast in Australia. This is a major adventure that they will never forget. This fulfills the gold portion of the 50th anniversary and gives them a nice surprise. Imagine expecting another plaque for the wall and instead getting tickets for a vacation!

Hire an artist to paint the couple's portrait. Provide the artist with photographs to keep the portrait a surprise, or invite the couple to sit for a live session with the artist.

Send 50 yellow flowers, or several batches of 50; fifty daffodils, fifty yellow tulips, fifty yellow roses. Or plant a yellow flowering tree or bush in their yard to celebrate the stability of their marriage.