Timex Expedition Digital Compass Instructions

by Joe Fletcher ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Timex Expedition Digital Compass watch is an outdoor sports watch that can help you navigate where you're going. These watches are designed to perform for outdoor adventures and can be quite useful once you've figured out how to use all of those handy little functions.

Set time and date. Use the mode button on the lower left side to access the time/date mode. Hold down the set button on the upper left to change the time settings. Use the mode button, lower left, to toggle between settings like hours, minutes and date. Press lower right side button to increase value; hold down to scroll faster. When done, press lower right button to exit.

Set alarm. Access alarm mode using mode button. Press the set button until hours begin flashing. Hit the lower right button to move hours forward, while paying attention to a.m. versus p.m. Hit the mode button, lower left. Adjust the minutes. Exit using set button.

Use chronograph. Access chronograph using mode button. Use lower right button to start. Press set button, upper left, to stop. Hold down set button to reset.

Read time at night. Use the Indiglo light button on the front of the watch to illuminate the face of the watch for night reading.

Access compass. You can access the compass in any mode except for "alarm." Simply press the upper right button. For complete directions on calibrating the compass, follow link below to Expedition Compass Watch manual.


  • For more advanced operations, follow the Timex link in Resources.

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