Things You Wear Around Your Neck With a Name Tag

Necklaces make great accessories for the fashion-conscious, but are not the only things you can wear around your neck that boast your name. Depending on where you are, what you’re doing, and your style, there are several ways to wear your name around your neck with pride. Name tags hung around your neck can serve as status symbols or simply a way to introduce yourself at a convention or job. Whatever your reason for wanting to display your name, there is likely a necklace-themed solution.

Badges and Lanyards

One of the most common around-the-neck name tag accessories is a badge and lanyard. A card or paper with your name goes into a clear plastic badge, which is connected to the lanyard around your neck. Badges and lanyards are very popular for professional conventions in which a large group of strangers are interacting with each other, but also have been used as passes to sporting events and concerts. You may spot them at certain retail outlets as well, helping to identify employees.

Dog Tags

Dog tags are most commonly found on those who are serving in the military. Dog tags are a symbol to civilian populations that an individual is in the military, but also serve a vital purpose on the battlefield. Dog tags display a soldier’s name for identification purposes in addition to important information like their blood type and religious beliefs for use in emergency situations. Civilians can purchase dog tags from specialty shops, if desired.

Decorative Jewelry

If you’re looking to display your name around your neck just for the sake of accessorizing, there are many jewelry options available to you. Skilled craftsmen can place your name into nearly any setting, through bending wires, melting and shaping precious metals like gold, or using charms. Additionally, most jewelers offer some sort of engraving option depending on the piece you are buying, allowing you to turn any neck accessory into a deeply personal expression of style.