The Best Gifts for Saying Goodbye and Thank You

Saying goodbye to someone you care about is a difficult thing. Goodbye gifts should have a meaningful feel and should thank the person for being a part of your life. The best gifts that express both sentiments are those with a personalized slant. Treat that special someone to a gift that serves as a reminder of the time you spent together and your friendship.

Workplace Gifts

When a coworker or colleague leaves the company or transfers to another office, it’s natural to feel a little sad and even wistful about the change. Give this person a gift that reminds him of the company and the years he spent there. Purchase a tee-shirt with the company’s logo on the front, and ask others to sign the shirt and leave a note to the recipient. Write your own note on the back, thanking the person for any help he gave you. You can also opt for a clock or pen set he can take to his new job. Every time he looks at it, he’s reminded of you.

Friendship Gifts

Saying goodbye to a friend is hard because you've shared laughter and tears. Give her something that symbolizes your friendship, such as a friendship necklace. Necklaces of this kind are cut in half, giving both you and her a separate charm. Consider giving her a scrapbook made of photographs and pictures that remind you of the time you spent together. You can even make a piece of jewelry yourself and present it to her before she leaves.

Gifts for Family

When a loved one leaves, you only need a small trinket to thank the person and say goodbye. Consider making a copy of your favorite photograph featuring the two of you together and placing it inside an elegant frame. Write a heartfelt note on the back of the photo, thanking the person for everything he has done over the years. After presenting the photo, tell the person to read the back at a later date.

Gifts for Teachers

At the end of the school year, say goodbye and thank you to a special teacher with an apple jewelry box or apple pencil cup. She can use it the following year and still know how you feel about all she's taught you. Or, give the teacher something for his next class, such as a box of arts and crafts supplies. Explain that you know how hard it is to get school supplies and, as a thank you, you want to contribute something to next year's class.