The Best Gifts for Men Who Like the Outdoors

Men who enjoy the outdoors, whether they like fishing, hiking, skiing or golfing, will always appreciate gifts that take their hobbies and interests into consideration. You can hand-make a gift, assemble your own gift basket collection, or buy something special that is appropriate for his outdoor activities no matter the size of your budget.

Homemade Gifts

Whether your particular skills are in sewing, knitting, painting or another type of hand craft, a homemade gift for a man who likes the outdoors will be extra special. A very simple and useful gift you can sew is a set of hand warmers for men who spend time outdoors in cold conditions. Just sew a small square pillow and fill it with dry rice. When microwaved for a minute or two, the little pillows will stay warm for up to half an hour. You can sew little loops so that the hand warmers can fit over the fingers and be held in the hand, or they can be placed in pockets. Consider novelty fabrics that reflect his particular hobby, or you could embroider his initials on them for a personal touch. Other handmade gifts for the cold outdoors are knitted hats, scarves and mittens. For an arty gift, take a photograph of some favorite outdoor scenery or a favorite golf hole, resize the photo, print, mat and frame it.

Gift Basket

When you can't think of one big gift to give a man, consider assembling lots of small gifts into a gift basket or bag. For a man who enjoys camping there are plenty of small, inexpensive tools and accessories you could buy, like a fold-up hammock, pocket knife or compass. For a golfer, there are many doodads available--golf balls, ball markers, divot repair tools and club head covers. You could wrap the small gifts up in a new golf towel instead of using a gift basket.

Expensive Gifts

If you want to spend a bit more money and get something really special for a man who enjoys the outdoors, there are lots of big purchase items to consider. A waterproof watch is a great gift for any man, and many come with extra features that could be useful for his hobbies. A handheld GPS unit will make sure he never gets lost outdoors and adds an element of safety to his adventures. A new tent, golf club or camera are great expensive gifts to give that would surely be appreciated, but either make sure that the gift is exchangeable or try to glean some information about his preferences to help you choose the right thing.